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TradesCraft offers job seekers in Canada and the U.S. the opportunity to conduct a custom job search using the website's search engine. We make it easy to find welding jobs in Edmonton or industrial jobs in Toronto. Our website focuses on skilled labor and trade jobs, making it easy for professionals in these fields to find the perfect career. By typing in the exact job you want to find, our search engine will help you narrow down your job search by showing you jobs available in the industry and location you need.

Types of Jobs Available on TradesCraft

When you visit our job bank, you will find that employers offer all sorts of jobs in trade and skilled labor industries. If you're looking for oilfield jobs in Alberta, our website will narrow down your choices so that you see exactly who's hiring and for which positions. The job listings will have all of the information you need to know if you're qualified for the position advertised and include contact information so you can apply directly through our site.

Not all of the jobs are labor jobs. Employers advertise for construction jobs, including administrative assistants for the company. This means that our job listings are diverse and reach a large sector of people who need employment. Just because our site specializes in engineering jobs and industrial jobs doesn't mean there aren't listings for office workers, sales managers, and supervisors.

Applying for Jobs

It's simple to apply for advertised oilsands jobs, manufacturing jobs, and other industrial occupations advertised through TradesCraft. After you open a free account with our website, you're able to apply directly through the advertised job listing. The employer will list necessary submissions, such as a cover letter or resume, and where to send those submissions. Once you apply, the employer can contact you to pursue an interview or further contact regarding the job. If you're a job seeker struggling to find a trade labor or skilled labor position, let our site help you find the perfect employer.