Building Maintenance Supervisor (medical and pharmaceutical facilities, government and school environments) , Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada (Job Has Expired)

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Company: CTM Designs Inc.
Business information: CTM Designs Inc is an ISN Compliant Contractor. We offer specialty different services such as: Epoxy Coatings, Government, Nuclear and Pharmaceutical, general contracting, carpentry and painting services.

Business address: 9225 Jane St PH03 Maple, ON, L6A 0J7
Work Location: Multiple locations depending on the client's location, North York, Toronto, Mississauga, City of Markham, Town of Richmond Hill, City of Barrie, York Region, Keswick.

Type of Employment: Full time - Permanent
Estimated Start Date: As soon as possible

Job Description:
• Prepare production and other reports
• Oversee apprenticeship training
• Recruit and hire workers and carry out related staffing actions
• Estimate costs and materials, assess, report job costing to owner for quotation, procurement of materials.
• Supervise workers and projects
• Co/ordinate and schedule personnel and train workers on all components of job scope including, but not limited to: Floor Epoxies & Specialty Coatings, Preparation and finishing of Specialty Epoxy Floor Coatings inclusive of 100% Solids Epoxies, Aliphatic Urethane Coatings inclusive of specialty finishes with Suspended Metallic and Decorative Fleck, Demarcation Inlay of Various Floor applications
• Operate, troubleshoot, minor repair of vacuum enabled diamond bit floor grinder, polisher and buffer.
• Chemical Washing of Surfaces in Preparation to offset Off Gassing of Product
• Prepare and install Terazzo Flooring and GuniteCoating Systems
• Spraying of Portaflex Finishing systems
• Supervise and Train on use of equipment, surface preparation, determination and choice of product, and all application aspects of finishing of Acoustic Ceilings, Metal Corrugated Ceilings, Gypsum Board, AquaTough Board, Cement, Block, Drywall, Wood Paneling, Wood, Metal and Fiberboard, Micro zone Wall System and usage of Air and Airless Spray Systems
• Train and supervise general onsite carpentry inclusive of preparation of shop drawings to present to vendor for custom cabinetry specified, retrofitting of kitchenettes, countertops,workbenches to allow for seating areas, flooring, baseboard, chair rail, doors and casing, framing carpentry in the creation of room space, fences repair of wood structures, repair installation of wood windows and doors.
• Train and supervise on demolition, and installation of Acoustic Ceiling Tiles inclusive of Grid Layout, Installation of Hangers, T-Bar, and Acoustic Ceiling Tiles, Framing – Both Metal and Wood Stud for formation of Wall Structures.
• Train or arrange for training on H&S, report on Daily Safe Work Plan of Actions
• Set up machines and equipment
• Ensure health and safety regulations are followed
• Recommend personnel actions
• Read blueprints, drawings and specifications
• Maintain an ISN compliant environment and work action.
• Operate computer software systems
Major work area: Maintenance
Workers supervised: General construction workers: specialty floor finishers,painters and decorators, carpenters etc.
-Education: Completion of high school is required
-Experience: At least five years of experience in the trade or in the work area supervised.
- Ability to supervise and train team (2-4 people) is required.
- Experience in floor epoxies and specialty coatings is required.
- Knowledge of HSE/ISN protocol is required, as we are an ISN compliant contractor and work on strict HSE environments.
- Must be willing to be environmentally and medically monitored, as all environments are ISN or Strict HSE Environments.
- Must be willing to be vaccinated by injectable, medically monitored daily while in work environment via body scan and disclose full medical and security records, which will be
monitored on a regular basis, as regular work will be performed in medical, nuclear and pharmaceutical facilities, government and school environments.
- Must be willing to take full shower throughout the day dependant on workflow and at the end of every shift with a full change of clothes
- Excellent oral communication and team player skills are required
- Work under pressure
- Must hold a valid driver's license and able to drive to various locations throughout the daily shift project dependant

Salary: $46.15 - 47.00 hourly. 40-44 hours a week.

Benefits: Work clothing, weekend meals and performance bonus are provided.

Important Information:
- The employer must be able to work fluctuating shifts. The worker will work 8 hours per day. Flexibility on schedule is required as schedule will vary from day to day depending on the business and the clients' needs. Shifts starting from 7am – 4pm, 3 pm - 12am and 11 pm - 8am.
Holidays and weekends are required as 100% of business operations are in Corporate and Pharmaceutical Environments where Maintenance is completed when employees are absent. Overtime is regular and required. 2 days off per week on a rotational basis.

Apply by e-mail to:
Apply by mail: 215-14-3650 Langstaff Rd, Woodbridge, ON, L4L 9A8
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Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada
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Building Inspector
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