About TradesCraft

What is TradesCraft?

TradesCraft is a FREE online job search engine tailored specifically for the needs of job seekers and employers in the skilled trades. It is free to use for job seekers and employers. Our detailed and easy to use software accurately matches the job seeker's skills with available positions and sorts the results according to relevance. TradesCraft's mission is to connect job seekers with prospective employers by:

  • Providing an absolutely FREE user-friendly and easy to navigate platform for both job seekers and employers.
  • Utilizing the most advanced software for accurately matching a job seeker's skills with available positions on our database and sorting the results according to relevance.
  • Constantly updating the list of positions available and notifying job seekers of relevant new job posts via email.
  • Providing the best subscription package pricing available in the industry, thus maximizing value for employers.

For Jobseekers

At TradesCraft job seekers can:

  • Search and apply for all active jobs in our database for FREE.
  • Assign a future date of availability, and Employers will be informed with your future availability.
  • View all the companies that have reviewed their profile and credentials.
  • Be part of TradesCraft's Career Network and connect to Skilled Trades professionals across the world.
  • Access TradesCraft's Gig Hub Centre and review short Gig Assignments.
  • Access TradesCraft's Resource Centre and select the many different resources for training, courses, services and product of interest to Skilled Trades professionals.
  • Set up personal preferences, allowing for more refined job post matching.
  • Receive notifications from interested employers.

For Employers

At TradesCraft Employers can:

  • Post jobs and review all matching job seeker's qualifications for FREE.
  • Subscribe to the FREE start-up package and benefit from TradesCraft's candidate to job post matching features.
  • Contact potential candidates via the TradesCraft notification system.
  • Instantly View all applicants to the posted jobs.
  • View the candidates and applicants recommendations in the Vouch For feature.
  • Save and Tag an applicant or a candidate for a rehire or future consideration.
  • Review the summary page analyzing and summarizing Job posts activities.