Welder - (US.1820.130), Northlake, Illinois, United States (Job Has Expired)

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Purpose of Position
A Fitter /Welder, will work either individually, or, as a part of a small team, to produce Sheet Metal weldments.
Weldments must meet the dimensional specifications of the mechanical engineered drawings. A Fitter/Welder will be required to determine, from the drawing, where each weld is to be performed, and meet the size and length requirements of each weld specified within the given tolerance allowed.
A Fitter/Welder is also required to perform any cosmetic or appearance specifications of the weldment. This may require grinding welds and sheet metal buffing.

Key Responsibilities
Ability to MIG weld mild steel
Ability to MIG weld stainless steel
Ability to perform basic fitting
Ability to adjust machine according to department manual(s)
Ability to remove material using grinding process
Ability to read drawings and inspect parts for basic dimensions
Ability to perform basic layouts (positioning and alignment)
Ability to inspect parts against complex engineered drawings
Ability to spray transfer MIG weld
Capability to examine weld bead for acceptable attributes
Ability to identify types of copper, stainless grades, etc.
Knowledge of flux core, shielded wire
Ability to cope and fit

Reporting to department Supervisor
Internal relationships include regular interaction with: Machine Operators, Welders, Painters, Material Handlers, Leadpersons, Supervisors
External relationships include regular interaction with: N/A

Responsibilities, Skills, Experience, and Requirements
Successful candidate will typically have 1-2 years of relevant work experience
Must have a basic command of the English language, both written and verbal
Ability to execute hot work (any work performed outside of department)
Ability to finish grind, surface finishing based on departmental requirements
Ability to repair improper welds
Knowledge of fixtures required for area of responsibility
Ability to tack weld
Ability to stud weld
Ability to fine tune voltage
Ability to square parts
Ability to torch cut
Ability to arc metal gouge
Basic product knowledge (understanding of how work ties into the larger picture) based on departmental need/requirement
Knowledge of AWS chart/steel tables
Knowledge of welding symbols
Knowledge of and ability to use basic tools (tape measure squares, clamps, fillet gage, angle finder, etc.)
Ability to convert decimals to fractions and utilize conversion chart
Ability to effectively communicate with co-workers
Ability to effectively work in team environment
Awareness and adherence to Lock Out Tag Out procedures
Ability to follow company operating procedures, safety rules and ISO requirements

Working Environment
All work is performed in a shop environment with constant exposure to the elements of our shop.

It is the policy of Powell Electrical Manufacturing Company to promote safe working conditions for ALL employees, to make available where necessary special equipment to protect employees against specific hazards, to reduce accidents through prevention programs and to establish rules that are designed for the safety of all. It is the responsibility of each employee to adhere to this policy, as well as to observe all safety practices and exercise every precaution for the safety of accidents. There is certain Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be worn during the operation of this job.

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Northlake, Illinois, United States
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