Red Seal Auto Collision Refinisher, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada (Job Has Expired)

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We are currently looking for a Red Seal Auto body Refinish Technician, with 5 to 6 years of experience, also known as a Project Manager. They will be responsible for prepping and painting vehicles with impeccable workmanship and managing vehicles from the start of a job until its completion. They will be held accountable for problem solving that may be required during the course of repairs. After vehicle is baked it is the responsibility of the Technician to correct any flaws that may be found on the painted surface. Your responsibility also includes making sure that the mixing room and the booth is clean and presentable at all times. The key to success in this position is to ensure a company-wide focus on improving our image and all aspects of customer service in a professional manner and producing top quality repairs in an efficient manner while managing the vehicle through the process of repairs. Also work as a team to make our company progress to a higher level of achievement.

Organization Chart:

The position reports to management for re-inspect, for parts and material. You will be dealing with body technicians for paint time (blends, etc). The position also entails dealing with customers.

Performance Objectives- Deliverables

1) Memorize and always use our companies standards by which we conduct our business, as a compass, when decision-making.


2) Make sure that bodywork was finished in 180grit or finer, and featheredged around repair.

3) Block sand all primed areas with guide coat (make sure panels and straight with no waves)

4) Use corrosion protection on all projects. Etch priming of all bare metal substrates.

5) Mix all material on scale while saving as much as possible

6) Unmask all vehicles after paint

7) Police cars/taxi’s considered rush jobs (in and out)

8) Double-checking work when completed for no comebacks. (using checklist to prevent re-do’s)

9) Enter Labour Cards into program, once at lunch and again at the end of the day.

10) Take care of and respect shop equipment while saving as much material as possible.

11) Keeping the shop environment clean and organized as possible (cleaning up after yourself)

12) Managing Paper work (Checklist/ re-inspects)

13) Cleaning out spray booth

14) Organize and bring vehicles in at the end of the day

This is a fulltime position. Salary open depending on experience Benefits available after 6 months
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Auto Finisher
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Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
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Autobody Technician
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