Operator 12, Richmond, California, United States (Job Has Expired)

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Job Description
Primary purpose:
To safely, efficiently and according to standard operational procedures operate pipeline equipment and pump station/terminal facilities for delivery of refined petroleum products into tankage for temporary storage, involving the operation of both local and remote pumps.

Essential duties and responsibilities:
Operates pipeline and pump facilities as directed by Products Movement.
As trained and/or directed, oversee all activities on an assigned shift.
May assist in training and providing direction and assistance to other operators at their facility.
Monitors product quality using appropriate equipment.
Accurately types and checks meter tickets for products and prepares bill of ladings.
Provide timely and consistent communication/notification to management of equipment abnormalities or failures, operating inconsistencies and/or errors.
Consistently provide accurate, legible and timely input to stream sheets, O/S log and any other required log sheets.
Maintain an inquisitive attitude and ask questions to ensure operational procedures are adhered to; operating risks are minimized; and skill level is developed.
Serves as the liaison between field operations and scheduling, product accounting, engineering as well as regional personnel.
Monitors loading rack operations at terminals which are driver operated.
Must be fully knowledgeable about all aspects of the facility, including but not limited to all lines, block valves, remote locations, facilities and equipment.
Monitors incoming and outgoing custody switches.
Starts and stops pumps as required.
On a limited basis, may perform line rider duties, such as monitoring pipeline ROW for 3rd party encroachments, inspecting pipelines, locating and marking pipelines and/or other duties associated with securing and maintaining the integrity of the pipelines and protecting from 3rd party damage.
Perform general facility upkeep and maintenance, including painting, sweeping, washing and other general housekeeping duties.
Consistently maintain and demonstrate a high regard for personal safety, for the safety of company assets and employees, and the general public.
As requested by management, participate in special projects and other assignments.
Minimum requirements:
High School Diploma or equivalent requiredTechnical training and/or College a plus
Experience / specific Knowledge:
Basic office and/or administrative experience including handling phones, completing paperwork and typing.
Working knowledge of Microsoft applications, including Outlook, Excel and Word; knowledge of PowerPoint and Access a plus.
Must pass and maintain all applicable Operator Qualification requirements.
Certification, licenses, registrations:
A satisfactory driving record as determined by the Company and a current, valid State driver's license are required.
If applicable to the work location, satisfactorily obtaining or already possessing a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card is a condition of employment. TWIC card is obtained by submitting an application, background check, and having fingerprints taken.
If the employee is subject to license or certification requirements or training as stipulated by local, state or federal agencies or the Company, now or in the future, compliance is required under this job description.
Competencies, skills, and abilities:
Must be able to use all tank gauging, truck loading, SCADA and teletype programs.
Strong verbal and written communications skills are required. Must be able to read and comprehend written documents, instructions and directions, as well as be able to accurately pass on information and instructions to co-workers.
Must be accountable and take direction from Managers; keep required work schedules, which include regular and predictable job attendance; focus attention on details; follow work rules.
Basic computer proficiency in Microsoft applications (i.e., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook) is necessary in order to interface with company communication systems.
Must be self-motivated and capable of working with minimal supervision and/or direction.
Well-balanced interpersonal skills. Must be flexible and able to work effectively in a team environment and consistently maintain a professional and respectful demeanor/attitude with co-workers, clients, consultants, and representatives of various local, state and federal agencies.
In order to meet the various maintenance and general operational requirements, a mechanical aptitude is necessary.
Physical demands:
Employee must be physically capable of completing and satisfying all training requirements as stipulated by local, state or federal agencies and/or Company Policy.
Exposure to smells and fumes associated with refined petroleum products.
Perform physical labor in a variety of extreme climatic conditions, including walking, bending, stooping, climbing tanks, digging, lifting and general manual labor.
Must be able to climb tanks (averaging about 60 steps) safely and without assistance, including holding on to a handrail with one hand and carrying equipment (such as tank gauging tools) and/or tool bag in other hand.
Job requires visual acuity to see and work at a computer screen, read gauges and other measuring devices, as well as the ability to hear various alarms.
Extended periods of sitting may be required for administrative activities.
Working Conditions:
12 hour rotating shifts (including holidays, weekends).
Position subject to 24-hour call-out, including nights, weekends, and holidays.
Overtime required and extended work hours in cases of emergencies.
May be required to work alone (unsupervised).
May be exposed to some refined oil products containing chemicals which may be related to certain types of illnesses or reproductive toxicity. Some emit vapors under certain conditions, are flammable and may be explosive under certain circumstances.
Exposure to smells and fumes associated with refined petroleum products.
Climatic conditions are determined by location assignment and may include severe seasonal changes including both winter conditions with frequent snow or extreme summer heat and sun, depending upon geographic location.
Supervisory responsibility:
Preferred education, experience, certifications, competencies, skills, and abilities:
Above the minimum requirement; not required but advantageous in this position:
Pipeline hydraulics experience desired
Prior experience requiring mechanical aptitude and skill is a plus
Basic knowledge of cathodic protection
Knowledge of piping, valves and pressures
Knowledge of pipeline operations
Experience with storage tank operations, including inspections, alarms and sampling
Experience with light maintenance (mechanical, electric, electronic)
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Richmond, California, United States
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