Operations Superintendent - Products, Galena Park, Texas, United States (Job Has Expired)

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Primary Purpose:
The Operations Superintendent has overall responsibility for the daily operation of the two Splitter units and associated Storage and truck loading facilities. Oversight responsibilities include; performance management of staff, safety, quality control, budgeting, maintenance accountability, and compliance and regulatory matters. The Operations Superintendent directly supervises Technicians and one Supervisor whose subordinates include Lead Operators and Operators. The total number of employees managed can vary, generally averaging 17.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
The Operations Superintendent is responsible for the oversight management of the Splitter Facilities.
Supervises staff consisting of those who manage the day to day splitter process, transfer, storage and shipping of customers crude and condensate products.
Assists in planning and execution of capital projects in the area.
Responds to emergencies 24/7 and other upsets and may be required to work nights and/or weekends.
Responsible for maintaining company assets in good working order in order to maximize up-time.
Performs as a liaison between terminal & pipeline activities and customers in order to maintain efficient delivery and resolve any difficulties relating to scheduling, overages, shortages, and quality control issues.
Supervises functions related to outside contractors operating on company property or in company areas in order to protect company interests.
Plans and organizes workloads and staff assignments, reviews progress, directs changes in priorities and schedules as needed to assure work is completed in an efficient and timely manner. Will participate in the selection/promotion of staff, salary change considerations, and disciplinary matters. Conducts performance evaluations and resolves issues.
Develops short and long-range plans, goals and objectives for all operations in the geographic area.
Remains current on developments in the field.
Coordinates department services with other departments, governmental agencies, and customers.
Reviews contracts pertaining to work around Company assets to ensure Company property is protected.
Coordinates company response relating to actions of outside contractors which includes site inspection, preparation of as-built drawings, and confirmation of scope of work to be completed.
Inspects all operations facilities for compliance with maintenance, housekeeping, environmental and safety requirements.
Coordinates all requirements affecting commercial products at applicable assignment locations, including quality control issues, additives, notification procedures, sampling, meter calibration, coordination of witnesses where required, overages, shortages, and service interruptions.
Prioritize terminal breakdowns and oversee general maintenance and record keeping.
Consistently maintain and demonstrate a high regard for personal safety, for the safety of company assets, employees, and the general public.
Positions Requirements:
High school diploma or equivalent required.
College course work in technical or business field will be helpful in this position.
A Bachelors degree is preferred, especially in the area of Engineering or Business Management.

Experience / Specific Knowledge:
A minimum of 5 years, well-rounded experience in process and terminal areas, is highly desirable and should include specific working experience with products movement, mechanical maintenance, personnel management, legal, safety and environmental requirements affecting terminal and pipeline activities. Effective use of time management is of key importance in order to properly identify priorities and to ensure that all job requirements are satisfied. Ability to effectively delegate is essential.
Management and supervisory principles and practices.
Refined petroleum pipeline facilities - operation, equipment requirements and products movement.
General engineering practices, including drafting, piping, valves, hydraulics, etc.
Practices, principles, procedures, regulations, and techniques as they relate to all functional areas.

Certification, Licenses, and Registrations:
A satisfactory driving record as determined by the Company and a current, valid State driver's license are required.
Satisfactorily obtaining or already possessing a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card is a condition of employment. TWIC card is obtained by submitting an application, background check, and having fingerprints taken.
If the employee is subject to license or certification requirements or training as stipulated by local, state or federal agencies or the Company, now or in the future, compliance is required under this job description.

Competencies, Skills, and Abilities:
Proficiency with computer applications, including Microsoft Excel, Word, Project, PowerPoint and Outlook.
A sound background in mathematics is important, as is the ability to read mechanical/electrical/civil drawings.
Well-balanced interpersonal skills and strong verbal and written communications skills are required.
Ability to supervise a diverse workforce.
Must be accountable and take direction from Management, keep required work schedules, focus attention on details, and follow work rules.
Organizational skills and the ability to prioritize tasks are essential.
Must be able to plan and organize often conflicting tasks to accomplish company goals.
Must be a problem solver with the ability to find resolutions.
Must be self-motivated and capable of working with minimal supervision and/or direction.
Must be flexible and able to work effectively in a team environment and consistently maintain a professional and respectful demeanor/attitude with co-workers, clients, vendors, and regulatory agencies.
Demonstrate leadership by utilizing appropriate interpersonal styles and methods in guiding individuals/department (subordinates, peers, superiors) or groups toward task accomplishment.

Working Conditions:
Must carry a cell phone and be able and willing to respond at any hour of the day or night to emergency situations and participate as required with emergency response (integrated contingency plan) activities. This includes being in possession of required equipment and tools, designated forms, policies, regulations, and manuals.
Position subject to 24-hour call-out, including nights, weekends, and holidays.
Planning and Organizing: Establish a course of action for self and/or others to accomplish specific goals; plan and prioritize proper assignments of personnel and/or appropriate allocation of resources.

Leadership: Utilize appropriate interpersonal styles and methods in guiding individuals/department (subordinates, peers, superiors) or groups toward task accomplishment. Consistently adhere to Kinder Morgans policies and procedures and be a positive example for others by demonstrating the Companys core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people.
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Galena Park, Texas, United States
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