Logging machinery operators , Simcoe, Ontario, Canada (Job Has Expired)

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Company: Kaster Logging Ltd.
We produce high quality saw logs and veneer, specializing in exporting to many countries. Saw logs are used for flooring, skateboards, furniture, lumber and many more other uses.
Veneer logs are used for panels and plywood. All logs are 2 and 3-sided cut from hard maple, ash, cherry, red and white oak. We take great pride in harvesting timber from private lands governed by municipal by-laws and provincial laws of the government of Ontario. The result of these laws are healthy and productive forests.

Business Address:  5265 Highway 26 East, Stayner Ontario Canada L0M 1S0

Work Location: Province of Ontario including Simcoe County, Durham Region, Northumberland County, Prince Edward County

Type of Employment: Full Time - Permanent
Anticipated Start Date: As soon as possible

Job Description  
Logging machinery operators, mechanical harvester, and forwarder operators assess site and terrain and drive heavy equipment to perform a combination of felling, slashing, bucking, bunching and forwarding operations at logging areas.
Operate a variety of machines which perform a combination of slashing, bucking, chipping, sorting and loading logs or trees at landing sites.
Help to transport trees from logging areas to landing or log loading sites in Ontario.

- Education: Completion of secondary school is required
- Experience:
A minimum of 2 years of experience operating skidder, feller buncher, forest loggin machinery and chain saw is required
A minimum of 2 years of experience in working with falling trees, limbing trees, bucking trees, skidding trees is required
Workplace hazardous materials information system (WHMIS) and first aid certificates are assets and can be obtained once the employment starts.
Knowledge of tree harvesting regulations is an asset.
On-the-job training is provided; however, experience is required due to due to the complexity of machinery operated, the type of woodlands used and due to safety reasons.

Salary: $26.00 to $26.50 hourly, 6-9 hours per day. 30-41 Hours per week.

Important Information:
- We must travel to several work locations in Ontario and the position involves working away from home
- Flexibility on schedule is required due to the weather conditions.
- Working on weekends is required due to weather conditions.
- Working as Logging machinery operator could be dangerous. Safety policy procedures must be observed all the times to prevent accidents at the job site and to prevent damage on the machinery

Apply by e-mail to: kasterlogging@gmail.com
Apply by mail to: 5265 Highway 26 East, Stayner Ontario Canada, L0M 1S0
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Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
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