Floor Covering Installer, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada (Job Has Expired)

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Full-time position, 30 to 40 hours per week, $29.71 per hour. Installation Specialization: Vinyl or resilient tiles, vinyl or resilient sheets, ceramic tiles, marble tiles, terrazzo tiles, hardwood strip flooring, borders or feature strips, flash coverings, hardwood intricate patterns flooring, parquet flooring, linoleum, rubber sheet goods, modular carpet tiles, fiber optic special effects, flexible PVC sheet goods, asphalt plank flooring, cork flooring, conductive flooring, astro-turf/game field materials, carpets/rugs
Specific Skills: Inspect, measure and mark surfaces to be covered, measure, cut and fasten underlay and under padding, measure, cut and install carpeting on floors, measure, cut and install resilient floor coverings, prepare and install hardwood floors, inspect and repair damaged floor coverings, conduct moisture, ph, temperature, and other tests prior to flooring installations, prepare floors for installations, remove existing floor coverings and contaminants, install carpeting on walls or other surfaces, employ knee kickers and other equipment to stretch carpeting, perform direct glue-down carpet installations, perform double-bond carpet installations, install outdoor carpets, install resilient stair components (special effects for the visually impaired), install materials on counter tops and raised platforms, install vinyl decking materials
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NOC 7295
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Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Required Trades
Carpet layer
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