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Junior & Intermediate Building Electrical Design Engineer
Mike Oulton | Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
We are currently looking for Junior & Intermediate Building Electrical Design Engineers, with electrical engineering knowledge, and CAD skills, for new and exciting commercial and institutional building projects. ...
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Electrical Designer
Mike Oulton | Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
The Responsibilities of this position include but are not limited to the following: Creating and designing construction documentation for large-scale commercial and institutional projects Coordinating with other consulting disciplines to ensure ...
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PenTech Plumbing & Mechanical Ltd. | Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada
Company: PenTech Plumbing & Mechanical Ltd. Business information: PenTech Plumbing & Mechanical is a full Service Plumbing & Heating company serving Chilliwack, Abbotsford and The Fraser Valley. With more than 13 years of combined staff experience, ...
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DFL Contracting LTD | Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
electrician ...
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TradesCraft is a job bank for those seeking employment in the skilled labor or trade industries. Employers looking for contractors or employees for skilled labor or trade can also use the job bank to advertise openings and evaluate qualified candidates. The site is completely free for job seekers and available at a competitive rate for those seeking employees or contractors. With the competitiveness of applicants for skilled jobs, using TradesCraft is the perfect solution to viewing jobs or gathering applications in one place. Our site serves jobs seekers in Canada, Australia, and the U.S., but offers worldwide services for employers.

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Employers who use our job bank have an applicant pool that consists of hundreds of qualified job seekers. Our competitively priced packages allow you to budget in your job search and find the employees you need. You can provide applicants with all of the necessary information, including contact information, resume information, needed qualifications, and a thorough job description. Our service strives to help you narrow down qualified applicants who meet your business's goals. With our free trial offer, you can experience the benefits of TradesCraft before investing in a package. We specialize in helping employers in Alberta, Edmonton, and other cities find just who they need.