You are more Connected than you Think

By on September 19, 2013
Job Seeker’s survey regarding trades employment methods have found that between 30% and 70% of craft hired on a project are referenced based. This astonishing finding has raised an interesting question:

“Is finding your next job as a trades person based on who you know?”

TradesCraft founders and associates are senior and experienced personnel in the construction, industrial and manufacturing fields. The analogy that was conducted at the creation of TradesCraft was based on: What do employers want when they hire a tradesperson?

After consulting with numerous large corporation leaders through-out Canada and United stated, the answer can simply be put into the following statement:

“Companies want to hire a trades person that has the specific trade experience, has the right attitude, is available at the right time, and has the flexibility to meet the dynamic nature of the business” analysts reviewed the above Tradesperson question and the companies’ requirement and built a platform where both parties are able to link and meet the mutual objectives:

1- Is it who you know? Do you have the right Experience and attitude? – believes in having references for every Job Seeker resume in its database. This will confirm the experience and attitude of the job seeker to the hiring company. However, who you know will not get you the next job, TradesCraft will.

2- Available at the right time? – understands the seasonal aspect of most trade jobs. The future availability function within the job seeker profile will ensure pro-active job searching at the seeker’s level, as well as, providing availability data for the companies. This data is compiled by TradesCraft and is available to Companies for future planning.

3- Do you have the flexibility to meet the dynamic nature of the business? – TradesCraft‘s sophisticated algorithm does multiple matching calculation to ensure that items such as geographical constraints, salary discrepancy, required timing, job longevity, apprenticeship required hours, and many others are taken into account prior to matching a job seeker to an employer. will be sending short questions to the job seekers that are directly targeted to meet the expectation of this last one, while answering the requirement of the companies. This feature will allow TradesCraft to be successful in servicing both parties.

With, Employers and Job seekers are more connected than they really think., Finding your perfect Trades job is our Craft! is a job board for the skilled trades primarily in Canada, Australia, United States and more. If you are looking for construction, industrial and manufacturing jobs / vacancies or you an employer looking for hiring trades people with the right qualifications, you can create your Free profile at

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