Why You Should Use a Contractor When Building Your Home

By on February 13, 2015
contractor for home building

Whether or not you should hire a general contractor when building your home is a crucial question, one that engenders thoughtful evaluation on your part. A general contractor is the professional you hire to oversee the entire job. The job could be the construction of a house or a remodelling job. The contractor is responsible for managing all the aspects and details, and making sure that the work is functioning smoothly, and there aren’t any difficulties.

Now that you know the basics of what a contractor does, you will be able to decide better why you need a contractor. However, if you are still in two minds, here are a few pros and cons of hiring a contractor to do this job.

The pros of hiring a general contractor:-

  • A contractor will make it easier to oversee the development of a large project.
  • There is one person responsible for everything construction-related. If something goes wrong, you know who to turn to. It is the contractor’s job to fix things and get the work completed in time.
  • A good contractor will hire good sub-contractors who work efficiently and will be able to deliver good quality of work within the stipulated time period.
  • Hiring a contractor is the least expensive option if you don’t want to become a self-contractor. This is why you shouldn’t be an independent contractor.
  • Most contractors have a standard contract they use before a job, but you can tweak this contract a bit in the way you find agreeable.

Hiring a general contractor also has its own flipside that you must know about before deciding. Here are the cons of dealing with a general contractor.

  • The contractor will know a lot more than you about construction, which is a good thing until you realize that the contractor is taking you for a ride.
  • There are no checks and balances. You have to rely completely on the contractor.
  • If the contractor writes his own plans and specifications, it may be difficult for you to evaluate them for quality. You will not know if the bid includes everything that you asked for in the contract.
  • In the case of any problems or delays, you will be in no position to negotiate because the contractor will hold leverage over you. You won’t have a lot of say in the technical matters.

Of course, it will be your responsibility to hire the general contractor in the first place, so make sure that you research well and talk to people who have previously hired contractors and have had a positive experience before making your choice. Even after you hire a contractor, you will still have to maintain communication with him on a daily basis so that you know that the work is going as per schedule.

Hiring a contractor does not eliminate your responsibilities, but it greatly diminishes them.

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