Why You Should Become a Plumber

By on November 26, 2014

Did you ever give a thought about becoming a plumber? It is one of the most popular trades and here’s more to why you should consider it as your career option.

Highest pay

Plumbing contractors are some of the highest paid contractors. Plumbers usually start working after completing their apprenticeship with a starting pay of about $20-$30 per hour which is expected to get as high as $40 in a year or so. This gives an assurance of being higher paid than other trades.

Earn while you learn

There is a program called the Plumbing Apprenticeship Program that gives aspiring plumbers an opportunity to earn while you learn. You can work under highly qualified licensed plumbers, gain experience and also earn. It prepares you for your career after the apprenticeship, making it the best way to learn a trade.

Different places, different tasks

Plumbing is a job you will never get bored of if you are passionate about it. It takes you to different places for different tasks giving you many opportunities to learn. You can meet many people and make many contacts. It provides you benefits that are long term.

Contacts and more contacts

Having contacts plays a vital role in trade. Plumbing allows you to meet new people from the industry and create contacts. This proves to be a plus point in your career giving you long term benefits and better job prospects.

Demand of workforce

Plumbing being an upcoming trade there is a lot of demand for new people. Old plumbers are retiring making room for the newbie’s to set in. The demand is encouraging many people to join in assuring them job opportunities.

Fantastic benefits

Plumbers who work for an employer or join a union can expect to receive many good benefits and a highly paying package for themselves.

Never affected by recession

Economic woes like recession would never affect a job of a plumber. No matter what goes on in the economic world, there will always be bathrooms that will face plumbing issues and people won’t think twice before getting them fixed. Bathroom and its maintenance are very essential no matter what the economic scenario is.

The sense of Pride

Water being the most basic human need, plumbers will always have a sense of pride by providing people’s homes with it . It is another reason why plumbers are looked up at respectfully.

Job satisfaction

Possessing the knowledge and skill to execute a job from start to finish with exact precision leads to job satisfaction for many plumbers. Working as a plumber can really help boost confidence and self confidence in the long-run.

There are many advantages of becoming a plumber. It is one of the most popular trades with high demand of workers. It assures job security and satisfaction. If these are not enough reasons to get into the plumbing industry, then plumbing probably isn’t for you.

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