Why You Should Become a Crane Operator

By on November 26, 2014

Are you planning to try your hands in a profession that involves on-site exposure and pays you well at the same time? Then becoming a crane operator is a right choice for you. Have a look to find out why.

Easily accessible apprenticeship and training program

Though there are no educational compulsions to be a crane operator, having completed an apprenticeship program in crane operation or a year’s training in the field makes you an experienced operator. The apprenticeship program even offers training under professional crane operators where you can earn while you learn. It is necessary to have a driver’s licence.

Job growth opportunities

Crane operators are highly in demand all over the world. It is estimated that 25,000 job opportunities will be available in this field in next few years. The profession allows job growth for operators, a projected job growth for the year 2012-13 was estimated to be 17%, which is a high score indeed. It also provides job security to the operators.

Good f salary

Crane operators are paid in high amounts. It is a respectful job that demands skills. An average crane operator earns about $50,000 a year which even rises to $75,000 a year when promoted for experience.

Certification required

It is essential to have a certification for being a crane operator. The procedure to apply for a licence varies from state to state but it usually includes a written test, a physical examination of fitness and a demonstration of safe crane operation. In some states it is necessary to complete a training program in order to get a licence. Operators must renew their license every year. Crane operators work at manufacturing sites, construction sites, shipping or receiving ports. It can be a seasonal job for some and a permanent career option for others. Operators are hired, rented or owned by the companies who provide service and earn accordingly. The work is physically demanding and involves working outdoors and being exposed to explosions. Advantages like high salary and job growth are tempting enough to make you want to consider this rewarding job as a career.

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