Where to look with finding your next job

By on April 13, 2014

When looking for a job where does one start? It’s often said that finding a job is a full time obligation in itself. We have all secured positions in different ways, but the first question to ask is: Where do I begin the search?

Many surveys that have been conducted internationally show high results of social media sites being used to find jobs. Because social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and others that are similar connect people, they have the ability to spread the word quickly amongst their network when looking for a job. This raises the possibility of finding success in the search.

Approximately 34% of Canadians have been found and contacted via social media for open positions and 74% of Brazilians have been contacted for employment opportunities. So what is the answer to the above question? Start with social media.

Now that we’ve answered where to start, the next question to ask oneself is how to find what fits. Whether it’s what you consider to be the right job, or the foundation of a new career.

This answer gets slightly more complicated. The top 500 corporations across North America sent out a survey asking employees that were considered to be successful this question. How did you locate the job that got you into this position? The survey returned many different answers.

After going through the results, the analysts of Tradescraft.com recognized 3 main things that were similar in a total of 80% of the results:


1. The employee had interest in the field and work of that company.

2. Human Resources from the company reviewed experience, capabilities, and character to determine whether or not they                     were a good fit.

3. The company and the employee were connected in a niche environment for their specific fields of work.


www.Tradescraft.com is a connected social media platform shaped to link job seekers with available positions that are right for them.

www.Tradescraft.com is programmed carefully with job descriptions, profile information, and algorithm to ensure the right application is submitted to the corresponding job.

The very core of Tradescraft’s team is made up of Trades Industry Consultants /Managers and Trades people, and their goal is not to be simply a job board but more so a connection between the right job for a candidate and the right candidate for that job.

www.Tradescraft.com Our full time job is finding you the right one.

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