Ways Contractors Can Reduce Paper

By on November 26, 2014

It’s high time we cut down our usage of paper and go digital. It takes one tree to create thirty notebooks and we cannot keep compromising our trees when there is a better solution to this problem. Here are certain ways in which contractors can reduce paper at work with a few simple efforts.

More emails, less printing

In this era of technology, everyone has an access to email systems. Reduce your printing and consider emailing contracting documents. This way no paper comes into picture and your work can get done quicker. Information that is sent across emails can be preserved effortlessly, but paper documents can get misplaced if not taken care of. Also, email works best when it comes to confidential data since it is personalised and password protected

Create a “paper -less” office policy

Make your office a place with less or no paper usage. Send an email or multimedia messages instead of faxing. Reuse your printed pages with blank sides to print on both sides. Before you print see that your page has more text and less blank spaces. Reduce the font size and margin of your sheet in order to get an efficient printing experience. You can also use your old printed sheets as scratch pads, memo notes and rough sheets.

Make use of chlorine free paper products

Before you buy paper, check if its chlorine free. Chlorine free paper can be recycled easily and quickly. It is less harmful for the environment. It is a sustainable decision to use such paper.

From newsletters to e-newsletters

Avoid mailing your customers and switch to emails. You can send the latest news by just using your fingertips and reach your consumers quickly and efficiently.

Print all your receipts and invoices together

Pending receipts and invoices can be stacked for a day and printed together on a single sheet and then chopped into halves rather making separate printouts. This method helps reduce the usage of paper and demotes wastage. Often while printing invoices there is huge part of paper that is left unused and blank, by this method one can avoid this wastage.

Make your business cards smart

Make smarter business cards by avoiding mentioning your postal address and fax numbers on it. This will force people to reach you via emails or text messages wherein, even you can reciprocate their approach via similar means. This will reduce paper, effort and time usage.

Encourage digital meetings

When you are organising a meeting, make it a digital one. Send e- invites, ask attendees to get their documents in digital forms, encourage usage of screens and tablets. This will not just digitalise your office and make it paperless but would also create a contemporary image about your organisation.

These are some of the ways in which you can demote the usage of paper and do your bit towards the environment. Go digital, save our environment.

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