What’s Tradescraft

By on May 25, 2013

Tradescraft.com is a job network database engine that caters to job seekers in the skilled trades and their associated supervision.

Tradescraft.com invites companies to post jobs online and algorithmically match them with the corresponding best fit job seekers profile. Tradescraft.com presents a commendable balance between a profile base network and job posting platform. As in Tradescraft.com is a new hybrid combining the personification of job seekers in their profile and the effectiveness of employment targeting in the company job posts.

Tradescraft.com platform is designed with focus on simplicity and user friendliness, but still presents new differentiating advanced features.

Examples of some of tradescraft.com job seeker login profile features are:

  • Search and apply for all active jobs in our database.
  • Assign a future date of availability, which Tradescraft will correctly match with a future posted jobs start date.
  • View all the companies that have reviewed their profile and credentials.
  • Select multiple reference contacts and allow companies to receive the reference contact evaluations.
  • Set up personal preferences, allowing for more refined job post matching.
  • Evaluate previous experiences, jobs, and companies.
  • Receive Tradescraft newsletters containing information relevant to their job search.
  • Receive notifications from interested employers.


Tradescraft.com involved many employers at the time of design to include a gamut of features satisfying company needs and usability requirements.

Examples of some of tradescraft.com company login profile features are:

  • Post jobs and review all matching job seeker’s qualifications.
  • Subscribe to the free start-up package and benefit from Tradescraft’s candidate to job post matching features.
  • Contact potential candidates via the Tradescraft’s notification system.
  • Review the candidate’s reference evaluations, which only the employer can access.
  • Save potential candidates for future reviews.
  • Allocate multiple vacancies for the same job post.
  • Receive reports on jobseeker’s future availability.
  • Receive reports detailing a potential candidate’s resume updates and profile login frequency.
  • Receive a job seeker’s past work experience evaluations.
  • Be included in newsletters sent out to job seekers.
  • Be recognized as a “Top Employer” on Tradescraft’s main page.
  • Create a banner ad that will be displayed on Tradescraft’s main page.
  • Subscribe to one of Tradescraft’s High Value Subscription Packages.

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