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By on May 18, 2013

The predominant topic of risk behind closed doors in executive boardrooms for industrial business owners is labour availability. Whether, it is in Alberta Canada, Australia or certain industrial part of the United States, this ever recurring risk absorbs the attention of owners in the construction, oil and gas and industrial sectors.

Yet, one has to wonder that despite the overabundance of construction and skilled trades’ jobs and the perceived labour shortages, there are still skilled trades job seekers in various parts of the North American and the Australian continents, who are feverishly looking for a trade positions that is suitable with their acquired skills, but still are facing challenges in properly finding the right construction job and the most efficient channel to market their skills. provide a platform and network of current skilled trades job posts covering a large gamut of industrial and construction jobs shortages. Whether it is a scaffolder position, a pipefitter, a welder or an Ironworker position, helps tradesmen and tradeswomen to connect with the ever increasing demands eliciting their trades’ skills. platform help workers and companies alike in creating an environment where favourable matching between skilled trades job seekers and construction companies occurs effectively.

The labour shortage risk is not only caused by the lack of applicants to the available skilled trades’ job positions but also compounded by a lack of proper reach and connectivity with avid construction job seekers. At, the employers’ ability to reach out to job seekers effectively is highly established through matching algorithm and user friendly program. allows a specific trade categorization and profile creation for skilled trades job seekers. mission statement is to treat skilled trades’ work such as electrician work, carpenter work, crane operator work, rigger work, pile driver work and many other skilled trades’ positions with the reverence and respect deserved, hence this network was created. is created with the skilled tradesman and tradeswoman in mind.

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