Access to Accurate Project and Human Resource Statistics- A Revolution in Planning

By on June 16, 2013

In most executed fabrication or construction contract, the “Time is of an essence” clause is embedded in the terms and conditions. Companies face major financial risks due to schedule constraints, liquidated damages clauses and many other time-based restrictions.

[Skilled labours] and Trades personnel availability are considered key items on risk registers in North American. This scarce and most valuable commodity has a hyper-dynamic nature that companies have not been able to control. This econo-demographic risk item can only be analyzed, mitigated and tackled in a proactive manner using the basics of problem solving:

1-     Identify the problem early in the game: Industrial and[ Construction companies] should ensure that the feasibility studies of their projects shall include the labour availability factor and have to ensure to find mitigation plan early during the planning of their endeavors.

2-     Set a clear list of mitigation items: Mitigation plans shall not be vague and generic like in most cases that have been reviewed. A clear and defined mitigation plan with specific action items are the key to success.

3-     Base decision on accurate data: This is the missing link that companies are unable to clearly forecast. How can companies understand the labour market and availability and are able to mitigate this risk? has developed an algorithm that analyzes the company needs as well as the[ labour availability]. A sophisticated and accurate forecast can be projected and delivered to companies showing the past, current and forecasted fluctuation of labour availability[ by trade],[ geographic area], [classification] and many other formats as required by the companies. This amazing feature is also programed to be exported to facilitate its use in planning and forecasting programs and tools. has revolutionized the job board concept by providing a true and detailed service to its niche customers. With an elite group of consultants with more than 100 years of combined experience in the trades fields and industries, has developed the right tools to meet the [jobseekers] and [companies]’ objectives when it comes to human resource management., a Job board designed for your Job.

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