Trades boom across the board!

By on June 5, 2013

Skilled trades are in high demand around the world. The center for statistics of OECD countries confirms that there has been a significant rise in construction labor costs over the last seven years. Construction salaries are one of the most important indicators of demand for labor and trade job seekers. Below is a historical indication of salaries represented by unit labor cost increases over time in a number of job markets. plotted this information acquired from for informational purposes to help job seekers gain a better understanding of the labor markets around the world.


The labor market in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK are notable for their boom since 2005. analyzes trends and market data for skilled trades in the field of construction and oil/gas amongst other. Public and private sector hiring has been on the rise for oil and gas exploration in Texas, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Alberta, British Columbia, North Dakota, Saskatchewan, as well as most regions of Australia. Energy related hiring is complimented by job opportunities in infrastructure projects and equipment manufacturing.

Market reports indicate that this surge is strongest in for the following trades: ironworker, crane operator, rig worker, electricians, carpenters, and pile driver. is playing an active role in helping skilled workers get posted to these high demand markets through its location based job network. The unit labor costs shown above may continue over the short-term and long-term. Labor workers that are able to relocate can be very well placed to land the perfect job for their skills. The pay and compensation vary geographically as well as by trade, is determined to help you find the right job using our extensive network and employer relationships.
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