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By on August 16, 2014
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Companies take job interviews so that they can carefully examine potential employees in person and evaluate them based on a particular criterion they have set. This ultimately helps them decide if a person has exactly what they are looking for or has unique credentials that could potentially work for the job at hand. However, this entire drill of an interview works like a two way stream. It is also an opportunity for the potential employee to determine their own feelings and attitude towards the role they have applied for and form thoughts and opinions for themselves about the company on a whole.

That is why; it is of utmost importance that companies make sure that their recruitment process is fair and effective.Factors that put a person off from a particular company may vary. However, the two most common reasons noted are the length of recruitment process and the attitude and demeanor of the person conducting the job interview.

Many companies are taking note of these things and are now finding ways to attract potential employees by providing better benefits, higher salaries and opportunities for growth in the long run.

The strategies used to entice future employees usually fall into the following popular categories-

  • Improve benefits – Who doesn’t love professional benefits!
  • Increasing compensation – A good pay package is almost always the most desired factor when looking for a job.
  • Investing in training and development of internal candidates- Training employees for new skill-sets or further developing their existing skills is one way to show your employees that you care about the company’s progress as well as their individual professional progress.
  • Hiring remote employees – A newer trend now is to recruit from other countries, thus widening employment scope
  • Paying relocation expenses – A company is expected to pay relocation expenses for their top candidates to show them that they are valued enough and the company wants them enough.

While some of the above mentioned factors are major crowd pullers, most of them are no-brainers. While their credibility stands and can very well be applied to the recruitment process, they are based widely on popularity from the job seekers point of view. The following few are strategies that can change the way your recruitment planning process currently works and will help you build a powerfully skilled team of workers.

  1. It’s not about the money: While it seems like an idea to be scoffed at, I stand by it. It really is about more than just money. High performers will always expect remuneration matches up to their experience and rightly so, but they will also seek opportunities for growth. They do not want a stagnant professional life with a stagnated salary unless they are looking for short term work. When you are hiring, make sure you put it across that your company offers programs for development to help them grow.
  2. Offer Challenges: Most new employees are driven at the beginning of their term in a company. This is the best time to feed them with new challenges that will help them gain confidence in their role in the company.
  3. Think about the future: Most successful companies have plans to extend their avenues in the future. Do not fill vacant roles by looking merely at the need of the hour.
  4.  Consider workloads: You may tend to overwork the best employees. As a result, you may be witness to a burn-out and hence suffer poor quality work. Consider hiring temporary professionals to ease the burden on your staff and watch how refreshing the turnout will be.

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