Top Blogs That Every Tradesperson Should Follow

By on February 17, 2015
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Reading blogs about the things that spark your interest is a great way of breaking up monotony. A good blog provides you with new information on a daily basis, and also offers a perspective that might be different from yours. It is easy to get locked away into a linear thought process of your own, but reading blogs tends to keep that problem at a distance.

There are blogs out there for every kind of profession or interests that one might have. For tradespersons, here are some of the best financial blogs that you should read every day:

Calculated Risk:

Ranked number 4 on Time Magazine’s list of The 25 Best Financial Blogs, Calculated Risk is a renowned financial blog run by Bill McBride, a full-time blogger. The site was started in January of 2005, and provides concise and very accessible summaries of all the key economic data and developments. If there is only one financial blog that you follow, this one has to be it.


The co-authors of the non-fiction book ‘Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explains the Hidden Side of Everything ‘, Steven Litt and Stephen J. Dubner, started their own blog in 2005. Freakonomics has morphed from a book to a blog to podcasts to a movie, and despite the constant transformations, the blog has managed to retain its essence. The blog consists of fun and fascinating posts updated every hour, and cover a wide range of topics ranging from NFL to Romanian Witches.

Business Insider:

Business Insider is the fastest-growing business news website in the US, and even in India. It was launched in February of 2009 by Kevin P. Ryan, Founder and Former CEO of DoubleClick. The website provides and analyzes business news and acts as an aggregator of top news stories from around the web. Ranked 25 on Time Magazine’s list of The 25 Best Financial Blogs, this is the place to go for all the Wall Street gossip and to know what is trending on the web.

24/7 Wall St.:

24/7 Wall St. is a Delaware corporation which runs a financial news and opinion company with content delivered over the internet. It was initially created by Douglas McIntyre and continued by him and Jon Ogg, and has since grown to publish 30 high-quality posts and articles on an everyday basis. Many of the largest news sites and portals such as Yahoo! Finance, The Huffington Post, USAToday,, etc. republish the articles generated on this website. The coverage of topics includes some quality insights on finances, tech info, analysis upgrades and downgrades, and a number of other categories of subjects as well.

Abnormal Returns:

Abnormal Returns was established in the year 2005, and has been one of the oldest financial blogs on the internet, with a rich thousand or more posts up on their website. Tadas Viskanta is the Founder and Editor of the blog, with over 25 years of experience in the financial markets. This website focuses on providing the readers with educational content rather than specific posts.

If you are serious about trading and want to read about intelligent insights and new market information, these blogs are your one-stop shop for everything business-related.

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