Tips on Getting Hired by North American Electrical Contractors

By on September 15, 2013
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In North American today, companies and contractors that are choosing specialized services over a general

construction service provision are finding much more success in bidding and getting awarded jobs.

Electrical industrial contractors, start-up companies or existing companies, have seen a favorable market environment. This environment allows such companies a sustained growth in very business friendly North American market.

Finding electrician jobs and positions in these companies could represent a very fulfilling experience for electricians in the North American continent.

Some of the main tips for electricians allowing favorable placement and consideration in the posted electrician jobs are in 3 categories.

First, electrician Job Seekers should not be afraid to update their resume experience with a more detailed approach. Specialized electrical companies want to see the specific technical abilities of the job seekers. Including details such as cable pull a 500 MCM cable, installing a 4 inch instrument or terminating in the Motor Control Center is extremely encouraged by the current ever evolving electrical contractors.

Second, electrician job seekers should highlight their ability to perform the quality documentation inherent with the performance of the work. In today’s market, being a phenomenal worker without the ability to produce the required quality documentation as per the companies’ quality manuals will be a hindrance for electrician job seekers to find their dream electrician jobs. Electrician job seekers should highlight in their profile resumes their ability to perform the quality documentation responsibility as well as the actual craft work.

Last, electrician job seekers should highlight their ability to work together with other traders. In today’s North American market, the majority of the mega projects is constructed by a combination of different specialized contractors as opposed to one General Contractor.  Building these projects with the combination of different specialized contractors requires coordination and communication between the different trades within the different specialized companies. Electrician job seekers should highlight in the resumes their ability to coordinate with carpenters, Ironworkers, pipefitters, welders, operators and other trades., an established job network for skilled trades, allow easy tabulation of detailed experience section and also allows electrical specialized contractors to review, easily retrieve and search for these specific attributes in the electrician job seekers profiles. is a job board for the skilled trades primarily in Canada, Australia, United States and more. If you are looking for Electrical  jobs / vacancies or you an employer looking for hiring trades people with the right qualifications, you can create your Free profile at

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