This must-have recruitment checklist for Facility Management Companies will ensure you hire the right people

By on August 25, 2014
Recruitment checklist

A lot of times what you get depends on what you give out. So for hiring managers to find the right people for each position they must give out adequate information to assist the applicants in evaluating themselves for the position. Hiring people who are best suited for and interested in the jobs that you have to offer ensures that the candidate and the organization benefit maximally from each other. There are a lot of steps to the recruitment procedure and this guide is to help you ensure that you pay attention to all aspects of it.

1. Job Description

When a vacancy occurs, your job is to determine the requirements of the position and accordingly set the criteria for the eligible candidates. The next part of the task is to be able to convey all this information to the candidate. A job description essentially entails the duties and responsibilities involved, the expectations of the company from the candidate, mention of any other additional or desired qualifications and conditions for employment. The job opening will also have to be sent through the proper channels to be approved by the administration and management of the organization.


2. Advertising Vacancies

Once you have updated or created a job profile, the next step is to advertise the availability of the position. Depending on the position, the HR office might leave the application open either to only company employees or outside candidates as well. A team of competent HR professionals should screen the applications and send the resumes of the top applicants meeting the desired criteria to the hiring manager. It is his job to review all the resumes and narrow the list to those who best meet the requirements of the job. A lot of factors such as their education, experience, current location, gaps in employment history etc. will be taken into account to decide who will be called for interview.

3. Interview Panel

Depending on the position, the hiring manager will determine whether the interviews will be one or two tiered and who will be the members on each panel. Selecting members will be based on who has good knowledge of the job, is invested in the outcome, has good judgment and no conflict of interest etc.

4. Prepare for the Interview

In order to prepare for the interview, the panel members and the HR team gets together to assess the applicant’s resume and decide on the interview questions and any other matter of consequence that needs to be addressed before the interview. The questions prepared should balance technical and interpersonal skills that will be beneficial for the position. The number of questions should also make allowances for the limited time allotted to each interview.

5. Selecting the Right Candidate

Based on the interview summaries, the team should have a few candidates shortlisted for the position. The next step is to complete reference checks and to confirm the salary for the position. Proceed to make the job offer and make sure they comply with all background checks. The process is complete when the desired candidate accepts the offer.

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