Things you should know as an immigrant skilled worker in Alberta

By on August 16, 2014
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The Alberta Skilled worker category is a means for you to be nominated by the province of Alberta as a skilled permanent resident to Canada. You will be required to express that you are a ‘skilled worker’ bearing qualifications to prove it and an intention to live and work in Alberta. Your future employee and you have to fulfill the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (AINP) criteria in order for you to be eligible for the Alberta skilled worker category. Once this is done, the AINP will issue you a nomination letter and your application will then be process by Citizenship and immigration Canada.

1. Process for the Alberta Skilled worker category:

  1. Application to the province for nomination.
  2. Assessment by the province to ensure that your employer and you are eligible to be nominated
  3. If eligible, letter of nomination is issued
  4. Application to Citizenship and immigration Canada under the Provincial Nominee Program
  5. CIC’s further requirement is then that applicants undergo a medical examination and a security background check
  6. Permanent residence status will be issued by CIC

The process is fairly straightforward and simple if you meet the requirements and if all documents and steps are followed correctly.

Further on the subject, the Province of Alberta has introduced a number of changes in favour of applicants, in recent times. The changes in the Provincial Nominee Program will now help immigration to Alberta much more accessible for prospects.

2. The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)

As ideated above, the AINP nominated individuals that are expected to settle in Alberta and help to strengthen the economy and enhance Alberta’s local bodies. There are four recruitment streams under the AINP and a few categories –

  • Skilled Worker Category
  • Employer-Driven Stream
  • Self-Employed Farmer Stream
  • Family Stream
  • Post-Graduate Worker Category
  • Engineering Occupations Category Family Stream
  • Compulsory and Optional Trades Category
  • International Graduate Category
  • Semi-Skilled Worker Category
  • Strategic Recruitment Stream
  • Alberta Work Experience Category

3. Changes made to the AINP Program

Food Services Industry Pilot Project

This falls under the Employer-Driven Stream of the AINP. Until November 2013, Alberta employers could nominate up to 20% of the workforce per location, for a Permanent Residency. Because of this program, food service workers that are already in Alberta on a work permit may be nominated by their employers. The change that was made was that there are now additional allocations available to this program.

Strategic Recruitment Stream

International graduates of Canadian institutions who are already working here can now apply for nomination without an employer supported application. The only requirement is that eligible applicants must be working in the province on a post-graduate work permit and their occupation must be considered skilled or semi-skilled.

Alberta Work Experience Category

Anyone who applies to this category must already be working in Alberta. Skilled or semi-skilled workers are now eligible for immigration through this category. There is a list of occupations provided by the Province of Alberta that is considered ineligible for this category.

Employer-Driven Stream

This is usually only open to skilled workers who have a job offer in Alberta already. It is now open to a few more semi-skilled workers upon reception of a job offer.

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