The challenges of Mega Projects in the Oil Sands

By on August 10, 2013
Mega Projects

Alberta’s oil reserves is considered the third largest next to Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. This Canadian province has an estimate of 1.69 billion barrel oil unexploited oil reserves in its land with a governmental plan to increase production to 3 million barrels per day by 2018 (compared to current Saudi Arabia Average of 10 million barrels per day).

For the above mentioned plan to be implemented, Mega Projects have started in the province. Approximately 200 Billion Dollars of projects are under construction in Alberta with the majority being Oil Sands Extraction Plants, Infrastructure supports this Oil Sands Booming and Pipelines to Transport the bitumen to the refineries.

Mega Projects are facing numerous problems and issues from Funding, engineering issues, global economic indicators, to governmental permits and approvals. These problems can be assessed, mitigated and resolved by strategic, engineering, administrative and legal consulting. The main issue that these Projects are facing are the availability of skilled workers to execute the work on-time

Companies in Alberta and the other Canadian provinces (including the USA and other Countries) are contributing to the execution of these Mega projectsSkilled labours are required in the fabrication shops of the required equipment, the fabrication shops of the modules (module yards), pipe spooling fabrication yards, pre-fabricated building fabrication yards, trucking and transportation, and last but not least at the construction site. This high demand of skilled labours (Pipefitter, welder, electrician, Millwright, carpenter, scaffolder, ironworker etc…) to execute this substantial amount of work is considered the highest risks on almost every Risk Register of every project in the Province.

This means that the skilled workers and trades workers opportunities are abundant in the oil sands field and will be for the foreseeable future. To meet this need, governmental strategies like Building and Educating Tomorrow’s Workforce (BETW) are being implemented. BETW is the province’s 10 year labour force strategy to Inform Albertans and Employers about the Skilled labours market trends, Attract job seekers to Alberta, Develop the knowledge and skills required in Alberta and Retain workers in the Alberta Market.


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