The Best Paid Entry-Level Job for Tradespersons

By on February 13, 2015

Are you wondering how much your dream job pays? Or did you expect a certain job to pay a certain amount of money, only to be disappointed? Read this to find out the best paying entry-level jobs in the industry. These jobs, while appropriate for freshly-graduated individuals, have reasonable starting salaries and an exceptional potential for professional growth.

Real Estate Broker:

Did you know that most of the real estate brokers are not even graduates, and yet find success as soon as they enter the profession? A real estate broker is a person who acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of real estate and attempts to find sellers who wish to sell and buyers who wish to buy. The biggest advantage of entering this profession is that you will not have to spend thousands of dollars on studying for it, as is the case with engineers or doctors, but you will find as much success as they do.

Graphic Designer:

A graphic designer designs and creates graphics for all kinds of advertisements and logos, using all kinds of mediums. The need for graphic designers is on the rise these days with the advertising sector seeing a boom. To become a graphic designer, you require a Bachelors degree in Art or graphic design. You need to be creative, artistic, and updated with technology. Entry-level workers in this field can expect an annual salary of $46,000.

Software Developer:

Software developers create computer programmes and applications or develop operational systems for devices. This also requires a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in software development, and offers a median pay of about $86,000. Here is a list of companies that most software developers aspire to be a part of.

Occupational Therapist:

The job of an occupational therapist is to work directly with a client and help them achieve a fulfilled or satisfied state of mind in their life through purposeful activity and interventions designed to promote the health and general well-being of the client. To become one, you need a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, and according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, you earn a median salary of approximately $72,200. This is how you can obtain the necessary degree and become an occupational therapist.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative:

A pharmaceutical sales representative is a salesperson recruited by a pharmaceutical company to persuade doctors to buy the prescribed drugs and medication manufactured by that company. This profession also calls for a Bachelor’s degree. You need to be an outgoing person who is good at communication to be appointed for this job. Entry-level sales representatives earn a salary of $54,400 annually, including bonuses. There is also scope for promotions and growth here, as those who are good at what they do can go on to become sales managers and even directors.

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