Staying Safe While Welding

By on November 26, 2014

Welding involves lot of exposure to heat and sudden bright flashes of light. If not taken proper care of, welding can be hazardous for the welder. Here are few tips on how you can protect yourself during the process of welding.

Eye and face protection

It is essential to cover your eyes and face during the process. Special welding goggles and face protection masks should be used while welding. This restricts direct contact of heat with the body and hence ensures protection.

Welding helmets

These are special helmets for welders. They cover your head, face and neck thoroughly. It is made of filter lenses and plates that are designed to protect against grinding fragments, wire wheel bristles, slag chips and similar hazards.

Protective clothing

It is highly recommended to wear appropriate clothing during the process of welding. Though the material of the clothing mostly depends on the work, a flame resistant apron should be a must. Clothing should provide sufficient covering of the body so as to restrict contact from sparks and spatter minimizing the chances of skin burns and infrared ray flash burn. Dark coloured clothes work best against reflection of flashes of light, heavy material such as woollens help protection from deterioration.

Welder’s gloves

Flame-resistant gloves must be used by welders. It provides heat resistance that is required during welding. A gauntlet cuff act as an additional protection for the arm and an insulated lining can be used to protect areas that are exposed to high radiant energy.


Ventilation refers to provision of fresh air in the room often. A well ventilated environment is necessary as it prevents welders and other workers from breathing high levels of airborne contaminants. It is a means of providing adequate breathing air, and it is a must for all welding related operations.

Natural ventilation

It refers to the process of ventilation taking place without use of external sources such as machinery. This is quite sufficient for welders provided the place of work is suitable. It should be made sure that the place of work should have at least 10,000 square meter of working space per welder, ceiling height of the place should be more than 16 feet, there shouldn’t be any barriers like dividers or balconies it prevents cross ventilation.

Mechanical ventilation

Mechanical ventilation generally refers to low-vacuuming system. This process involves placing of hoods near the work place. These hoods with the help of ducts remove all contaminated air and fumes and exhaust them outdoors. This keeps the working environment ventilated and fresh. If your workplace doesn’t fulfil the criteria of being a suitable place to weld, this is the perfect method to make it suitable.

It is very important to take safety measures during welding. Stay safe, weld well!

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