Should You Pursue Career In Trade?

By on November 3, 2014

Has it been years since your graduation and you’re still looking for a job? Are you dissatisfied with your current job? Are you looking for something else in your career? Why not pursue trade! It is quite possible that when you were completing your graduation you never thought of trade as your career option. Here’s why and why not you should pursue a career in trade.

Lack of tradespersons in the country

The lack of skilled tradespersons in Canada has been flagged by the building industry as a cause for fear for more than a decade. But as time goes on, and current demographic trends continue, it may soon reach crisis proportions. Canada might face a shortage of one million tradesperson by 2020. The average age of a tradesperson in Canada reached 40 in 2007, four years older than it was in 1987. The average age of welders is 56. The average framer and finisher are also in their 50s.

Youth need to come in

The country needs more youth to participate in this field for a better result. If there ever was a time to encourage young people to pursue skilled trades, it is now. Looking at the demand of tradesperson in the industry it should interest many people to join in. This field also offers students an opportunity to earn while they are still learning in universities.

The fears

The barriers tradespersons face in moving from one province to another has proved to be troublesome for them. For instance, people who complete a welding program in Ontario but can’t find an apprenticeship program in the province and can’t get work in Alberta, which requires such a program. It’s very difficult for the tradesperson to find an apprenticeship in Ontario, if not impossible. Many employers in the country have been avoiding to take up apprentices as they fear it may affect productivity. Employers tend to hire someone with past experience in the field, so that they can hit the ground running.

The myths

There are myths out there that it’s going to cost the employers to train people in the trades field, this prevents the entry of newcomers and kind of proves to be a discouragement for them.

In a clear sign that not enough is being done to encourage Canadians to enter trades, the federal skilled trades program began accepting applications from tradesperson who want to become permanent residents of Canada. There are simply not enough young people pursuing trades to meet the demand. And the difficulty in finding skilled tradesperson in the housing industry– framers, carpenters, drywall installers, among others, has greatly extended construction project timelines.

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