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By on June 8, 2013

Dear Skilled trademan or tradeswoman,

You may be asking yourself one of the following questions…

  • Do I need a reference to find a trades or labor job?
  • Who can be my reference for a job application?
  • Can a strong reference make the difference to help me get my dream job?
  • Can I use a friend, co-worker, or colleague as a reference?
  • Does my work reference need to validate my education and work experience?
  • Do employers require work references?


The simple answer to all these question is YES! You need a reference that’s as strong as a RAM! believes you need a strong and powerful reference that can support your education and/or work experience. Job seekers must make the most out of their job references. References can be previous employers, colleagues, supervisors, or subordinates. Your reference should have relevant information about your work history as you mentioned it in your resume. At we know all about how a solid reference can make or break your job hunt. Technical skills in the fields of construction, manufacturing, and oil & gas are some of the most important career paths today. is proud to have established a proprietary system that make it easy and simple for people to help you get that job you want. We connect your future employers with your trusted references in a way that maximises the benefit to your job application. With your references are able to provide straight forward and effective feedback on your work experience and how it can add value to your desired employer. Always ensure that your reference is aware that you are using them and that they can validate your experience.
Finding your perfect Trades job is our Craft!

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