Learning From And Networking With The Women In HVACR

By on November 26, 2014

Let’s start by enlightening ourselves on what HVACR actually is – Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. As sexist as it may sound, I instantly imagine men fixing my heater or calling a male technician to check on the ventilation in my house if the need arises.

How many women do we see in HVACR trades? Surprisingly it is a growing career path for a lot of women and some informed people are taking measure to cultivate it as a career and make platforms for women in these trades to grow together.

One such platform is called ‘Women in HVACR’. It is the first of its kind and is dedicated essentially to provide multiple avenues and opening for women in HVACR to connect with each other and to support each other professionally and even personally.

This takes women empowerment to a new high and there is so much we can learn from this group of powerful people. Women in HVACR have determination to succeed and strong set of morals to back them up. They have powerful women icons as inspiration and with a drive like that; I don’t see anything but success in all their endeavours. Not just a successful future but also grace in times of failure and learning from trial and possible errors.

The initial plan of Women in HVACR was for it to be designed exclusively for educational purposes. This was so that women in every area of the trades including the technical aspect, sales, administration, management or even proprietorship could gain knowledge about their chosen field of interest and also be exposed to opportunities to network in an environment that is purely professional.

Becoming a member

By choosing to become a member of Women in HVACR, you get access to about 200 online courses at a special rate, in varied subjects related to the trade. You also get to attend the annual conference which is a large scale professional event that aids networking within the field. It provides inside access to trending topics and also spills out a few tricks of the trade.

Women in HVACR also has a monthly newsletter which all members gain access to and can contribute to if they wish so.

There are opportunities to receive mentorship from veterans in the field if you are seeking guidance.

How to connect

Women in HVACR is super easy to connect with as they are across all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. The website also has contact information in case you want to speak to someone or email them.

There is much to learn from strong successful women and so easy to forget that they are living amongst us, looking ordinary but doing something so extraordinary.

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