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By on March 13, 2014

Regardless of the industry being manufacturing, construction, mining or any other, the most apparent part of success for any project is the trades workers themselves. With the way the trades industries are these days it takes more than discipline and skills to succeed. Tradespeople are also required to develop a general knowledge in the area of management.

Standard project goals are mainly driven by things like cost and schedule, while at the same time providing levels of safety and quality that reach what’s known as par. Most of these goals tend to be occupied by the front line workers that in this position are the trade workers. (Boilermakers, pipefitters, ironworkers, scaffolders, plumbers, electricians etc..)

There are lots of things to consider when planning ones daily work. Things such as access, departure, other work happening in their environment, safety and mitigation, the risks of quality and issues, proper documentation, material availability along with equipment availability, time to complete the job and the tools required are just some of the things that need to be considered.

Companies continue to invest in the training of trades people because they understand the impact it has on their bottom line when it comes to safety, quality, productivity, and efficiency.

Approximately 50% of the front line supervision in the Canadian construction industry are from trades backgrounds. The country has a skilled management shortage that is being compensated by trades people with experience. And on several occasions has proven to be extremely successful. Their technical knowledge and experience mingled with the learning of business fundamentals, has created an acute and  reliable, experienced and functional leaders that are directing companies to success throughout the world.

As noted above, this pattern will likely continue as more corporations follow the successful training and onboarding of their tradespeople.

This strongly states that today’s trades people are our future leaders.

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