It is who you are not who you Know

By on September 21, 2013

Our skills and abilities as Trades people are sometimes put on the bench when it comes to finding the next job. Being in the trades business for many years, I sometimes get the feeling that it is not my abilities, Trade skills, respect to the safety rules, respect of the schedule or any of my traits that will guarantee my job, it is “who I am connected to!”.

This is a very true nature that most trades people are faced with on a day to day basis. I see carpenters that can be considered as artists based on their clean and impeccable work being laid off earlier than the social butterfly that I have never seen nail two 2X4 together. This is something that is not only observed by me, it is observed by most my trades co-workers.

On projects, whether you are a carpenter, an ironworker, a pipefitter, an electrician, or a labour, your time is limited by a predefined schedule and allocated budget. This is the nature of our business. However, seeing that the truly competent personnel being laid off before the truly connected personnel, is something that I thought needed to change.

I was approached by TradesCraft and have worked with their analysis to develop features that will solve the above mentioned problem by:

1- has implemented features of referencing system that will allow Trades people to be graded by employers and co-workers, providing a 360 degree perspective to the future employers. This will eliminate bias references and will provide a clear aspect of the person’s skills and abilities.

2- has implemented a feature to automatically generate a personalized resume to the Trades persons. This easy to use feature is a great tool that will allow whoever has an account to access/update his resume anywhere and anytime (even on his mobile). This will allow the trades people to be ready to apply for a job at any time.

3- has implemented a feature where Trades Personnel can rate their employers. This will present live data to these companies regarding the feedback on their employees.

4- has implemented a feature where Trades Personnel can choose a future date of availability. This will trigger the algorithm to automatically start matching jobs. This means that TradesCraft will be working for the Trades Personnel to ensure continuous employment. is a job board for the skilled trades primarily in Canada, Australia, United States and more. If you are looking for dream jobs / vacancies or you an employer looking for hiring trades people with the right qualifications, you can create your Free profile at

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