If You’re In Construction, Dubai / Saudi Arabia Is The Place To Be

By on November 26, 2014

Are you planning to start a construction business? Cannot find a place with all resources for your business? Your search has come to an end! The magnificent city of humongous skyscrapers and sky-high buildings is the perfect land to set up a business like construction. Yes, DUBAI it is. Here are few legitimate reasons, why a career in Dubai may just be for you.

First things first

Dubai is one of the cities in this whole wide world which is blessed with amazing geographical features. It is a connection to the local Gulf States; you take almost no time to reach East and South Africa, which makes the city unique. Also the future proposals of expanding Dubai on the islands and deserts further makes it phenomenal in every way. So on the basis of location isn’t it a tempting choice?

The tax factor

The no-tax factor is something which is very exciting about this city. With no tax on stamp duty or transfer tax, one has to hardly pay 1.5% for the land registration. Whether you buy a bar of chocolate or you construct tall towers you don’t have to give away any part of your hard earned money as “income tax” to the country authorities like most of countries. It is said that ‘you sow what you reap’, well here you obtain all of it. There is only income and no tax. It definitely becomes another reason to consider Dubai as your dream city.

Tourists favorite

You buy land, invest your money, construct a beautiful hotel, you would want it to be the best, isn’t it? Undoubtedly, this city has managed to be the first preference in the minds and hearts of tourists. Dubai is ranked one among the top 5 best tourism places on Earth. The streets are always busy with people coming from different places all over the world. A construction here means global recognition and of course around 10 million visitors plus the 2 million regional beings constitute a reigning economic value for the country as a whole and you as a business person. This place wins hands down, especially for construction business.

Elevating Economy

Dirham the currency of Dubai stands strong in the global market. Its current value being 0.27 US dollars for 1 Dirham is amazing. Certainly, it has been inching closer and giving a tough fight to the dollars. As a business person this value is really very important. Possibly it is the best deal one can look for. The economy is booming and flourishing steadily which is appreciable. It won’t be surprising if one day the dollar falls before Dirham.

So these were few good reasons to choose Dubai the destination for your construction business. This city is for the smart-working people, it provides fantastic opportunities for the newbie’s. Like the Bhurj-e-Khalifa, the Dubai creek or the Dubai mall your construction may also stand high someday. So don’t think anymore about it, just start working towards it.

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