If You Like To Operate Machines, You Should Be In Trades

By on December 3, 2014

‘Machine’ is anything that decreases human effort in any process. Did you know that handling a machine can be made into a career too? If the idea of operating a machine pushes all the right buttons for you, the trades are what you need to consider. Trades as a career option not only lets you pursue your interest but also turns you into an entrepreneur. Many universities offer apprenticeship and training programs that will train and set you ready for your hands -on job in the field you choose. You can earn as you learn by working under professionals from your field. Here are some of the trade fields wherein people use different types of machines. You can relate your interests with every field and choose the one that suits you and your interest the best.

Heavy duty mechanic

Heavy duty mechanics deal with heavy machines that are needed in construction and activities that include earth operations. They work at construction sites, mining sites, industrial sites and oil plants. Machinery used by them includes tractors, bulldozers, graders, skid steer loaders, excavators, scrapers, mining tractors, compactors, machine handlers etc. This job is suitable for those heavy machine lovers who aim to work at earth operating sites.


Plumbing requires a lot of machinery skill. From drilling to screwing, cleaning to fixing everything requires a machine. This job is ideal for people who have craze for machines that are user friendly. Plumbing tools include pipe wrenches, claw hammers, chisels, hack saws, drillers, etc.


Job of an electrician is supported by many electrical machines that are both handy and heavy type. It is a perfect job for people who love dealing with wires and electric tools. They use machines like circuit breakers, electric switchboards, distribution boards, electric meters, transformers, etc.


Welding is the process of joining two metal plates with the help of heat. Welders deal with welding and soldering machines that produce flash lights which joins the metals.

Crane operator

They are the ones who operate or drive the crane in construction sites, mining sites or industrial sites. It is an ideal job for people who love lifting heavy materials with the help of machines and proficient with driving skills.


Carpenters deal with all types of wood and wood products, from getting the raw wood from a tree till turning it into furniture, everything requires machines. Carpenters use machines like claw hammers, utility knives, moisture meters, chisels, levellers, sliding bevels, layout squares etc. This job is suitable for wood lovers.

These are some of the common and famous trade fields one can consider. It is true that if you like to operate machines, trades is the best career option for you. It is observed that when one chooses their interest as their career they do well in it and further help in society development in a better way.

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