How to get your first customer as a plumber

By on October 7, 2014
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Everyone usually struggles to find a plumber only after a plumbing emergency arises. If you’ve just started out as an independent plumber or a plumbing business, you need to remember that people absolutely need you!  However, it is entirely up to you to make yourself known. Personal marketing goes a long way in getting people to think of you first when a plumbing situation arises.

Here are a few ways to score your first customer or even build a large customer base shortly after you start out.

Email Marketing

It may seem like an impossible task to actually convince people that you offer a service as good as or better than any big corporate plumbing entities. That is one of the reasons a new plumber may shy away from marketing. Competing against a bigger company is definitely difficult. They can get away with lower prices and other sale tactics merely because of the existing demand for them. Even if you offer more efficient plumbing services, competing against lower pricing and a big brand name can make it really difficult. So, how do you draw customers towards you?

Gone are the days that majority of the people will actually read a flyer and call up. Putting ads in a local newspaper is a costly affair and as a new business, you may not be too keen on spending. This makes it inevitable to use technology for a more effective form of communication. Emailers can really get a person’s attention if done correctly. There are a number of email marketing software available in the market. While emails allow plumbers to explain their services in detail, they need to ensure that the writing is not too verbose or it may put the reader off and they could lose a potential client.

Social Media

 This one is a total win-win for new businesses.  Having a page of your own on Facebook is a free option to market your business to its maximum. You can constantly work towards making your page interactive and fun so that people are naturally drawn to it.  Everyone would prefer a good natured person over one whose personality you cannot gauge. Make sure that you do, however, appear extremely professional too. You can update your page with deal and offers in the beginning to catch people’s attention.

Similarly a Twitter and LinkedIn account will also prove to be helpful. It can expand your professional network and thus also expand your client base gradually.


A plumber with a blog seems like a silly idea. There are reasons why a blog helps gain customers. Blogging regularly builds up a virtual image of a person. As a plumber, you will want people to trust you. Putting up “How to” articles or dealing with emergency plumbing situation solutions are some of the most Googled searches. You can link your blog to your Facebook page to spread the word further.

Word of Mouth

Go old-school and spread the word about your services through family and friends. You can be assured that they will help out and want to see your business successful. You can score many small jobs initially through this way and eventually build enough trust to get some loyal customers.


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