How to get your first customer as a general labourer

By on October 23, 2014
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There is a big demand for general labourers, always. But how does one take that first step in becoming that go-to labourer when the need arises? Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you have been struggling to score those first few customers as a general labourer.

Start by asking yourself who are the people most likely to need your services and the ones most likely to send you good referrals. These people become your “warm market”. Below are some more questions to stimulate this process further.

  1. Who are your friends and their friends?
  2. Who are your high school connections? Make a list of teachers, seniors, classmates, club members etc. You never know when you find a connection to your service.
  3. Who are your past business networks?
  4. Who are your religious networks or other social networks? These could include church members or civic group members.
  5. Who are people you know through your hobbies or sports like hunting, fishing, etc.
  6. Who are the people that did up your home? This could lead to a direct link to your service as a general labourer.

By now your list may be massive! Use these networks to grab on to new contacts through them. With such a vast network, you are sure to get some professional leads while of course most of them may be duds. But it’s a big step towards getting that first customer, or more.

Here is how to tap into your warm market:

Send a personal email

Write down a professional email explaining in detail about the services you offer. You can add a special offer or a free consultation just to create some interest or excitement. Once you have sent this email, do follow up in about 10 days.

Call People

Pick up your phone and casually call people to ask how they’re doing. Mid conversation you can talk about your business and get some referrals from them.

Set one on one meetings

Ask people if they would like to meet up for coffee or lunch and make it a feedback session for your service plan. People will be willing to help tell you what it is about your service that they like or dislike and also give you referrals.
Before you tap into your warm market though, make sure your plan is free from loop holes and crisp in its demeanour.

  • Legitimize what you are offering and make sure people know that there is a need for general labourers and that your services stand out.
  • Opt for social media pages and advertisements and create a strong personal brand online.
  • Hone your marketing skills by reading other general labourers blogs and websites.

Always remember that there is always a demand for what you are offering so just keep at it and eventually you will have a load full of work.

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