How to get your first customer as a carpenter

By on October 8, 2014
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 Being an independent carpenter can seem a bit daunting if you have just started out. Since you have begun this venture, we’d love to see you breeze through it and become successful.

There are heaps of carpentry requirements out there if you know how to find them and grab hold of them. However, people need to believe your claims and hence you need to sell yourself a little.

If you haven’t already named your business, here’s a small tip. If you are advertising in directories then having a business name starting with earlier letters in the alphabet will mean that your name will come up first while people are searching for a carpenter. One of the most important things to consider is the name of the business because this will be your brand. Your brand name will initially be the most memorable if you market your business well. Fortunately, in this generation there are many cost effective and simple ways to really spread the word. Let’s have a look at a few.


Now, before you go solo, a portfolio of past work or qualifications really builds up credentials. Make sure you laminate all certificates and label them so that if a potential customer wants to have a look, they can browse through easily.

Sign up to a tradesman service

Signing up to a service that provides heaps of gigs for you to pick and choose from will supply you with easy leads.  Tradescraft, for example, puts up good leads often for all sorts of tradesmen. Because these websites have options for ratings and reviews, you will soon build up a stellar reputation and get even more jobs. You can even put your service on hold if you are too tied up with other jobs.


Always have business cards handy, you never know when you will meet potential customers. You could be at a supermarket and overhearing someone in need of a carpenter. While this may be a long shot, life has funny ways of sending people to us when we least expect it. Business cards are inexpensive and handy. You can leave business cards on store windows, at restaurants etc.


Another means of promoting your business and making it instantly legitimate is having a website. You can have a virtual portfolio up on your website with testimonials of past work. Since most people now look for services on the internet, a website is a recommended staple for new businesses.  You could consider pay per click packages to direct target audiences to your website as well.

Social Media

Until your web site is up, do not forget to make social media pages and get your brand out there. Have friends and family share your page and watch how wide your reach goes.

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