How can I have a standard and acceptable resume as a tradesman/woman

By on October 4, 2013
skilled trade workers

There is a common misconception that Skilled Trade Workers across the different industries do not require a professionally constructed resumes. This misconception stems from the thought that skilled workers are unionized and their placement is entirely based on sequencing and seniority. However, reality is very different in today’s market. The majority of skilled workers are becoming linked with associations that promote self-marketing and placement based on skills acquired, reputation with clients and willingness of the worker to develop and contribute into successful construction and industrial projects.

Whether seeking a carpenter position, Ironworker position, electrician job, scaffolding job or a pipefitter position, the need to have an up to date, concise and formatted resume is quickly becoming paramount for construction and industrial companies hiring a large contingent of skilled workers for the thousands of posted jobs.

Studies established by a private human resource company responsible for securing skilled trades for major construction, industrial and manufacturing enterprises, show that the selected craft workers’ resumes were superior over the unselected candidates’ resumes in 3 distinct sections.

The first section represents the experience section relevance and update status. Successful candidates had their experience section up to date with the latest skilled trade job placement and a clear description of responsibilities acquired during the duration of the described experience. The second section of the resume that was superior in the selected craft workers resumes was the inclusion of a variety of job references and recommendation contacts. Hiring companies consider the availability of references and past workers recommendations tantamount to their hiring decision process. Last Area of superiority in the selected candidates resume was the formatting methods and the different font and size used., a skilled trade job network, ensures that the job seekers’ profiles are loaded with the vital information and the necessary formatting that makes tradesman/woman hunt for their dream job very efficient and easy. Whether seeking an electrician job in Alberta or an operator position in Texas, has proven to be the best job network marketing and matching craft workers with industrial, construction and manufacturing jobs. is a job board for the skilled trades primarily in Canada, Australia, United States and more. If you are looking for  jobs / vacancies or you an employer looking for hiring trades people with the right qualifications, you can create your Free profile at

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