Get your first customer as an electrician

By on October 7, 2014

It may seem like a mammoth task to start out as an electrician independently. But do not be disheartened if the process of gaining customers takes some time. Here are things you can do to make sure you’re headed in the right direction.

  • Create an advertising and marketing plan for yourself before you shell out any money. Make a detailed plan and stick to it, picking up things as you go along.
  • Join all local builders’ associations and attend their meetings and events to expand your potential network.
  • Carry your business cards everywhere!  When you visit expos and home shows go ahead and introduce yourself to people and give them a couple of business cards. You never know what doors may open for you.
  • Sign up to your local Craigslist website and put up ads. Also, look for builders and other businesses that go in tandem with electricians and suggest a tie-up. You’ll be surprised at the response!
  • Next time you visit a big convenience store or a hardware store look around for the those big trucks or vans that belong to construction companies or home improvement businesses.  Even landscapers, roofers, plumbers, painters will come in handy. Stick in a business card on the windshield or simply hand it over to the driver. You have nothing to lose except the fact that he may possibly ignore it or chuck it somewhere. Still, you never know when it could bring you a pot of luck.
  • You may have not considered approaching real estate agents. Did that just trigger a light bulb in your mind? Exactly! Real estate agents can be a gold mine for a new electrician. Most people buying a new home want to revamp it so if you make friends with realtors you can be sure that they will recommend you to their clients.
  • When you do approach builders or remodelers, try and find out who owns the business and approach them. Since they will be calling the shots, try and get acquainted with them and slip them a business card as well.
  • It is important to be friendly and sociable. You may not score many clients but you will definitely hike up the chances of potential leads. Do not feel rejected when you don’t score every lead that seemed hopeful. Instead try and be innovative in your approach in the future.

It most definitely will take time but if your work is efficient and good quality then you will eventually be noticed and gain loyal customers. Try and keep your prices reasonable but also profitable but do not compete on price alone. Remember, you are an independent brand and you will need time to work your way up but it is possible with innovation and hard work.

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