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By on October 23, 2014
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The life of a driver could be an awesome one if you will it to be. Driving fancy cars for a living sounds A-okay, doesn’t it? It also requires you be rather easy going even though it does grant you a lot of freedom and flexibility. If you want to start out being a professional chauffeur I’d think your best bet would be to join an agency rather than start off on your own. However, there are a few ways you can ensure that you get a steady inflow of driving jobs on your own.


Make a website and make it fancy! You want to market yourself well so make a snazzy website and put up your credentials and a few professional photographs of yourself in different roles as a chauffeur or driver. People love photographs and whether they are authentic or not, at least your intention is genuine and honest. Get your family and friends to lend you their cars for your photos-shoot and don';t hesitate to let them make a guest appearance in the shoot as well. Adorn your website with contact details and even add a blog if you wish to write about things related to your profession and why you love it. Once people see how fun you are, they will trust you as a chauffeur on nights when they may be less than sober, or on days they are not free to pick their kids from school. A website is the easiest access point for potential customers to view the services you offer so make sure you advertise it well.


Go with the new generation version of “word of mouth’ tactics by posting a status on Facebook. Ask people to share it and you’ve already reached a wide audience.

Job websites

Post on your local craigslist and other sites advertising your services with the right keywords. People searching for personal drivers will be more likely to contact you when they search “find driver”.

Here are a few things to remember about the profession of your choice

People judge you by appearance first – Dress crisp and you will be noticed from among the rest. If you watch most movies will display a suited up driver with impeccable chivalry. You want to be that guy!

Say “yes” – When you just start out you may get some lousy deals and jobs. Say “yes” to them anyway, you do not want to create a pricey persona for yourself so early in your career.

Make an impression- Be the chauffeur that people remember. Give your clients a business card and ask them to consider you the next time they need a driver.

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