Financial Assitance is just around the corner for skilled workers in Alberta

By on August 25, 2014
financial assistance for alberta

In spite of the large number of people turning to skilled trades for a career option, the labour vacancy is postulated to only increase between 2011 and 2019. The average age of 51% of the current workforce is 51, which means that with their retirement, the job industry in skilled trades will have more vacancies than can be filled by the local workable population. This creates many lucrative options for both men and women in trades of their choice. However, learning and living on the job is not conceivable for everyone. Sometimes it might be difficult for apprentices in skilled trades to make a living while in training, or to work for enough hours to be eligible for such benefits.

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Alberta Human Services offers financial assistance to registered apprentices in full time training in the form of grants, if they can show need for financial support. The grant amount does not need to be repaid and is based on the apprentice’s demonstrated need. All applications are subjected to audits and applicants must be able to show cash receipts and bills for the costs and resources they list on their application. It is to be used to cover the tuition fees, books and living costs incurred during the duration of the training. Interested individuals must submit an application to the Learner Income Support Office. The application form and the completion guide are available at Financial Support for Apprentices, Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Offices, Alberta Service Centre or at the nearest Canada-Alberta Service Centre, or at the technical training institute.

Other government grants available from the Canadian government are the Apprenticeship Incentive Grant (AIG) and the Apprenticeship Completion Grant (ACG). These grants are worth $1000 to $2000 per year and are taxable. The AIG grant helps apprentices to get started in the Red Seal trades whereas the ACG grant helps apprentices who have completed their training become certified traders in the Red Seal trades.

Tax Benefits

Canada Revenue also offers tax exemption to trades people in the form of Tradesperson’s Tool Deduction. Apprentices enjoy tax benefit for the amount of money used to purchase the eligible equipment necessary to find employment.


The Alberta Apprenticeship and Training Board provides more than 900 scholarships every year to suitable apprentices and occupational trainees. 11 annual Pre-Apprenticeship scholarships of $1000 each is awarded to those who have shown promise in their pre-apprentice training and to encourage them to complete their training. 370 Apprentice and Occupational Trainee scholarships are awarded to those apprentices and trainees who have shown excellence in their trades and training. The Registered Apprentice Program/Career and Technology Study scholarships are given to initiate high school students of Alberta into pursuing a career in trades. The World Skills Legacy scholarships rewards accomplished apprentices and encourages them to participate in provincial, national and international skill competitions. A new scholarship program called the Alberta Heritage Scholarship, stipulated to start in the fall of 2015, has been allotted 9 million dollars to encourage pursuits of careers in skilled trades and to improve training by the institutions.

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