Employers’ Skilled Labour Crunch

By on May 30, 2013

Alberta, Canada,

Contractors, EPC companies and Industrial Companies are facing a labour crunch nightmare since 2006. The availability of skilled labours as well as tradesmen/women to execute the projects is scarce.

While employers are barely able to fill the supervision/administrative positions (construction management positions, engineering positions, field coordination positions, administration positions, and other Management Positions), the critical manpower required is mainly with Trades background (i.e. skilled Labour positions, Ironworker positions, Scaffolder positions, carpenter positions, Equipment Operator positions, and other Trades / Craft job positions).

In-town projects as well as remote projects are being impacted in both the schedule and cost side which is in part due to this shortages of skilled workers to fill in the available jobs.
Companies are finding ways to fill these job positions by offering competitive Trades job packages, negotiating competitive deals with unions and labour associations, sourcing labours from across the country and finally using Temporary Foreign Workers Permits. The temporary foreign workers permits allows qualified trades people to travel from any part of the world to Canada (specifically Alberta in this article), with competitive compensation packages and a seasonal quasi-guaranteed job. Most Construction Trades Temporary Foreign Workers Permits in Alberta have been to fill journeyman pipefitter jobs, qualified welder jobs and electrician jobs. This indicates that if you are a canadian citizen and resident, without a job currently, enroling in an apprentiship program to become a pipefitter, welder or an electrician would be a wise career decision based on the current and forecasted market job availability and requirement.

TradesCraft.com is tailored to meet the requirement of both the employers and tradesmen/women looking for jobs in construction, jobs in the industrial world, jobs in the oilsands world and any other industrial trades jobs.

TradesCraft.com is not simply a job board, it is a network of skilled trades and the associated supervision that connects employers with the right job seekers for specific posted job.

Tradescraft currently caters niche job markets in Canada, the United States and Australia; however, Trades People and applicants from other parts of the world have enlisted, increasing the resume pool for employers and the job opportunities for the job seekers.

TradesCraft.com, Matching the qualified skilled trades and associated supervision with the right employers.

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