How to become an electrician in Canada

By on June 20, 2013

Being an [electrician in Canada] means that you have more employment stability, a growing career and abundant opportunities.
Electricians are required trades for the majority of projects of different sizes. Whether you want to renovate your basement, build a bridge, or construct a multi-billion dollar industrial projects, Electricians have their piece of the pie.

In today’s growing need for Trades people,[ Electricians] are becoming more and more a scarce commodity. So how can you become an electrician?
One sure thing that one needs to understand: to become a[ journeyman electrician], it will require dedication and perseverance, however the rewards are great!

1- The initial requirement to apply to an electrical apprenticeship program is to have a high school diploma (or 11th Grade depending on which sector of the industry you are envisioning yourself) in Canada or equivalent. This should be presented to the apprenticeship college with your application.

2-  A mechanical aptitude test may be required along with Safety courses that are standard for the construction industry. For more information, review the requirement of the school or college you are enrolling to.

3- Once accepted, you will have enrolled into the apprenticeship program. The program is 5 terms and 9000 hours of work. You will be required to keep an hours log with your employer to earn the required hours to move to the next level. As you move to higher levels, your pay rate will grow as well.

4- Once you have completed your [apprenticeship] program, you will have to pass a written Certification of Qualification Exam with a mark of 70% and you will become a certified electrician.

The average hourly rate is $25.50 for an journeyman electrician, however it can go up to $36 per hour in some industrial activities in Alberta.

With an annual salary varying between $51,000 and $100,000, the electrical trade is becoming more alluring to young Canadians across the country.

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