You are in control of your next job

By on June 15, 2013

At the tail end of construction and energy mega projects, skilled trade workers are always faced with the dilemma and the hardship of the unknown. The “What is next for me” question becomes the leading and the most deleterious thought on most of the skilled workers minds.

This phenomenon of the unknown in future job placement causes anxiety combined with a lack of urgency within the rank of the skilled workers crews. In many mega projects, this anxiety and lack of urgency is the root cause for project delays, cost attrition and many safety and quality incidents.

Carpenters, ironworkers, welders, electricians or laborers and many other skilled trades are faced with the challenge of job placement consistently and their reactive anxiety and lack of urgency is only humane and normal. Clients, unions and association in the industrial and construction sectors have to start respecting the occurrences of such a phenomenon and find ways to mitigate the root cause behind our labor pool manpower.

There are ways to alleviate tradesman and tradeswoman and provide some sort of clarity to their next assignment. Some methods include clients and owners being clear and honest in the different available options, in example if there are other projects in other remote areas that the skilled trade workers might consider. However, the most effective way for skilled trade workers to eschew the anxiety of not having a job next, is to personally take the bull by the horn and control their destiny by promoting themselves in the ultimate job network for skilled trades at

At , construction jobs workers are in control of their next job, by being a part of a network that spans across the globe and brings thousands of construction and industrial job opportunities within an immediate reach for all our craftsmen and craftswomen.

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