Australia and its Need for Trades People

By on March 6, 2014

Australia is a remote country known for its great barrier reef, beautiful beaches, and critters such as Kangaroos and Koalas.

These days, this commonwealth country’s known emblems are being replaced by emblems of opportunity. The economy is flying high in many areas of industry such as mining, and construction.

Australia’s government released a skilled shortage occupation list which tells us that many trades people are at the top for migration opportunities. This list includes trades such as carpenters, painters, pipefitters, roofers, mechanical technicians and many others.

Not only is there a need for skilled trades people, but that need is intended to grow continuously especially in the mining industry. Australians as well as migrants are advised to invest more into their chosen careers by applying their knowledge, experience and skills in this markets that is growing at a rapid pace.

Shown on the graph below, is the capital expenditure in the mining industry, which is much higher than any other industry in the country. This provides a clear message that there will be growth continuously in this industry and in correlation with it, growth in opportunity for mining jobs and trades people as well. targets the best employers for trades workers and skilled migrants for new opportunities as we continuously follow the Australian market., the ultimate job network for skilled trades.

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