5 Things Your Electrician Wishes You Knew

By on February 5, 2015
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There are times when you have an electrical situation in your house, and instead of just calling an electrician, you make attempts to dabble and fix the problem yourself, only to realize after a hair-raising shock that calling an electrician would have been the wiser thing to do after all. The risk of this shock or something more serious like a fire or an electrical damage is far too grave for anybody to ignore.

Following is a list of a number of problems and emergencies that are best left to professional attention.

When you need additional outlets in a room to get rid of the numerous wires taped to the edges of your walls and running under your furniture, you should call an electrician instead of experimenting with and relocating the wires yourself. It may seem like a simple job on the outside, but you run the risk of causing a fire or sustaining an unnecessary injury.

In the case of flickering lights or a sudden power cut, if switching the light fuse off and on again doesn’t help, it is sensible to place a call to an electrician as it could be a fault in the wiring, and fixing that should not be attempted without professional help.

To install or repair a light fixture, taking the help of an electrician is important because the wiring can be a complex thing for an inexperienced individual to handle. This holds especially true if the house you are living in is an old one and contains aluminium wiring instead of copper.

To install or repair a ceiling fan,the same logic as installing a light fixture applies. The wiring in the ceiling can be a tricky demon to overcome, and calls for a professional residential electrician. He will ensure that the ceiling box is properly rated for ceiling-fan use. In addition, the ceiling mounting needs to be powerful enough to support the fan or any other fixture. Only an electrician’s eye can look into such technical needs and determine an issue, if any.

You will need to hire an electrician if you want to upgrade any service panels. If you have recently upgraded or plan to upgrade any appliances in your home, you will also need to upgrade the electrical service panels for some appliances in order to provide adequate power supply. This is a job that should strictly be reserved for a qualified professional instead of being attempted by an amateur.

These are only some situations where you will be well-advised to avail the services of a residential electrician rather than trying to be a brave-heart and attempting to mend them all by yourself.

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