5 Great Project Controller Jobs

By on December 3, 2014

A project controller is basically a manager who deals with different projects and departments of an organisation. According to their educational backgrounds and past experience they are recruited into different levels of organisation. Here are some of the great project controller jobs that can be considered on the basis of one’s academic and professional backgrounds.

Regional controllers/ managers

Organisations that have a huge business and are located at several places appoint managers for every region of their business. A regional controller is a manager who heads a particular region, which can be either a city/state/country depending upon the turnover of the business. This job doesn’t require a particular field or interest, recruitment of this profile completely depends on previous job experiences and achievements. This job profile is a part of top level management staff of any organisation.

Assets controllers/ managers

Assets controllers deal with all the property that an organisation deals with. They are appointed to keep track of all the machinery, furniture, bank balances and other assets of the company. This will be a perfect job for people who think they can best deal with material and keep record of its wear and tear. It is a middle level management staff job profile.

Financial controllers/ managers

Financial managers/ controllers are appointed to analyze the finance of the company. They keep track of money that comes in and goes out. This is a great job for people who love to deal with money and numbers and want to practise career in it. To pursue this field a mathematical and financial educational background is a must. This job profile lies in all three i.e. top, middle and lower level of management staff ranging from professions likes junior subordinates, senior subordinates, managers, CEOs in an organisation.

IT project controllers/ managers

In today’s scenario a technological support is a must for every organisation. IT project controllers are appointed to manage and control the technological aspect of the organisation. People with IT educational background can pursue this career. This job profile comes under middle level management staff, if the organisation is based on technology this profile also has a top level management staff profile.

Investment controllers/ managers

Main purpose of any organisation is profit. But apart from their business profit organisations also invest their money into different fields like banks, markets, public entertainment, etc. These controllers manage the investment aspect of the organisations. To pursue this career having a banking or market educational background is a must. The job profile of this profession depends on the turnover of the organisation.

Job of a project controller is a high profile task. It is full of authorities, supremacy and commands. Controllers need to keep track of every aspect of their department. They also have the authority and responsibility of their subordinates. These were some of the great project controller jobs once can consider to pursue.

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